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❤ Got bored and did some nail art:). It didn’t turn out great but it was a cute idea! #nailart #hearts #black #red #love #nailpolish

❤ Got bored and did some nail art:). It didn’t turn out great but it was a cute idea! #nailart #hearts #black #red #love #nailpolish

my 4 year script-versary!!

Today marks a very important day for me…it’s my 4 year script-versary. This day 4 years ago before the worst came on while I was listening to my iPod. It was an iTunes free single of the week that I must’ve forgotten to listen to. I broke down in tears for about an hour after listening to it…leading me to listen to it over and over. That Christmas I didn’t even listen to Christmas music…I was listening to the script. I was completely moved as a 7th grader by before the worst. I look back and cannot believe how much a band meant to me at 12 years old. I do not even understand how they took over my life at such fast pace…but they did. That should have been an early warning sign to everyone the obsession would’ve developed to be huge, hahaha.

Basically the year of 2009 I fell in love with the script although I did not develop such gratitude for them until 2010. I never have told the complete story behind this year but I feel like this is the time to say it. I fell into depression which led me to suicidal thoughts. I had an entire plan, I would be gone. The night I planned to die I was listening to music, like always. Before The Worst came on yet again along with the entire playlist of their songs. I told my parents the plan. I got help for my suicidal thoughts and depression. And that’s why I’m here today. That’s why I say The Script saved my life.

So I had gotten through that battle-along with seeing them in concert may 2009 and November 2009. But the end of that year brought new challenges into my life. Christmas, my parents decided to separate. Basically huge fight Christmas Day which led my dad to be kicked out for a while. That’s when science and faith took a huge part in my life. My parents are happily married today.

I saw the script that year in June 2010 and October 2011.

Those were the hardest times in my life but I got through it because of the script. “The Script” and “Science and Faith” have gotten me through hell and back. Those albums are the reason I’m breathing. #3 has yet to take on a hard time in my life but I don’t believe that’s the purpose for #3. I think #3 is my rejoice album…the fact I’m still here. The fact I have come so far. The fact I have so much to live for.

That brings me to November 9, 2012. I saw the script again. My 5th time but my most meaningful. I remember bawling the entire time. And meeting Glen. The entire story of meeting him is my last post if you want to read.

I wrote him a letter telling him how they saved me. I’m crying just thinking about how they know they saved me. It means so much to be able to thank them. Glen responded with a tweet to me thanking me for the letter. I just wanted to be like you shouldn’t be thanking me! I’m the one who should thank you for everything!! But they know it all.

So that’s why people say Im obsessed…which I admit I am. They’re must has done so much and my praise and gratitude reflects off in this way. Its also led me to have all you wonderful people as my best friends. You have all done more for
me than I can ever thank you for. So thank you for being my best friends and for helping me through everything. 4 years ago, December 22, 2008, The Script came on my iPod. That day changed and saved my life. Today I celebrate it, enjoying life as Danny, Glen and Mark have taught me to do.

I still can’t believe this happened to me. Thank you @thescriptofficial . Love you all. And thanks for all the wonderful comments. I appreciate and absolutely love all you scriptettes:-). (If you want the whole story go to

I still can’t believe this happened to me. Thank you @thescriptofficial . Love you all. And thanks for all the wonderful comments. I appreciate and absolutely love all you scriptettes:-). (If you want the whole story go to

My Script Story; The Concert, Meeting Glen and the Tweet!;-)

I am on the left and Melissa is on the right!

**Meeting Glen is bolded; explaining the tweet and letter is italicized if you want to just read that part.

I just want to take a moment to explain what happened last night. The Script concert, meeting glen and getting a tweet from him all happened within 24 hours.

One of my best friends, Melissa and I  got to the Agganis Arena in Boston super early and went to eat, found the tour bus and chilled outside.I had waited over 100 days for this concert. The day had finally arrived. And I was SO ready for it. I can officially say I was the first person ticketed along with in the arena. I am so proud to say that! I couldn’t believe it! The seats were the 8th row! SO close! So thankful I managed to get those. I was in the center but closer to Mark’s side.

The concert began with Tristan Prettyman who is amazing! Seriously check her out if you haven’t! I listened to some songs before the concert so I got to sing along:-). it was great! She is a great singer along with her band that was with her was great too.

So the script came out and no one stood up. So literally this caused me to just stand up and start a trend. If you don’t stand up and dance your heart out during a concert why even be there? I started to bawl when they came out. I couldnt stop the tears and everyone around me was just starring since in between sobs I was singing and dancing away. Then the first song ended and the lights in the audience went on so they could see us. I don’t know what possessed me to do this but I waved to Mark. I couldn’t tell you why but he pointed back and mouthed “hi” with a huge smile on his face! I was thrilled! This lead to SO many more interactions with him throughout the course of the night. Including a duck face to me. That was really interesting! I also had many interactions with Danny! One part of Talk You Down he had pointed and sang to me and the last concert and he did it again last night. It was like a flashback, amazing moment all in one! I don’t want to bore anyone with details about when they pointed or looked at me or whatever though! The performance was overall amazing. I have no idea how they do it but somehow their concerts get better and better. The lights, sound and overall performance was incredible! Props to danny, glen and mark!! If you’re seeing them soon you’re in for the best night ever.

So before the show Melissa and I found their tour bus. We immediately ran back there and waited with other fans. Meanwhile both our moms were together and kept calling us. They kept debating whether we should take the T home or if they would pick us up. It was such a pain and went back and forth constantly between the moms and melissa and me. One moment they were coming and the next we were getting on the T.  Finally it was decided we were getting on the T and it stopped at midnight so we would have to meet the guys before then if we could. That made me so mad since I was willing to wait out there all night if it meant I could meet them. The cops kept moving us and threatened arresting us all (I just kept singing the man who can’t be moved to them. lolololol.) But we moved to an area near the tour bus but behind a fence so the cops couldn’t yell at us. And Ben and Rodney walked out! I screamed “Ben! Rodney!” when I saw them pass by. Ben waved and went on the bus. Rodney was loading up the bus towards our side and I said “Hi Rodney!” His face lit up! I was so happy and he was like “Hi! How are you?” It was great. We asked if he could ask the guys to sign and come out but he responded “I will but they don’t like to listen to me.” So basically no. We waited longer and longer and longer. The crowd died down more and more. Our mothers called again saying they would pick us up. And then again to take the T. It was a never ending struggle with them. We finally gave up since it was so close to being midnight. We couldn’t be stranded in Boston. So we walked to the front of the arena and found the T. But we couldn’t figure it out. So again we called our mothers to pick us up. They finally agreed. So we had about 45 mins to kill before they arrived to get us. So we went back to the tour bus to check on it. The crowd waiting was gone but all the buses were still there. I figured they were all in the tour bus waiting to leave. My chance of meeting The Script was gone. I just was crying at that point.

We walked back up the street to the front of the arena where a couple passed by. I glanced up to a man covered in black from his beanie to his adidas. I didn’t even think. My brain just took over, I grabbed melissa and said “Glen?” He looked up. It was Glen Power. I started to hyperventalate right then and there. He just said hi to us, asked if we wanted wanted a photo then he tried to calm me down. Glen just kept saying “its okay, its okay, its just me”. It wasn’t just him though. It was one of the people who made me who I am today. He saved me. I wrote the script a letter before the show and it was on scrapbook paper so I rolled it up and put an elastic on it like a scroll or how newspapers sometimes are. This caused him to use it as a blow horn and he did it to some random girls on the street! He is so funny!  So Melissa whipped out her CD and I attempted to find mine in my purse now filled with merch. And I was like “Im so sorry, Im so sorry” as I tried to find the cd, glen just responded “its okay, its okay, take your time.” I found it! He signed it. Meanwhile he asked us if we knew the area. I said that we were lost and we were sorry we couldn’t help. Melissa told him that our moms stranded us in boston and we couldn’t figure out the T. lolololololololol. Im sure he was like oh god what did i get myself into!? at that point. So the girl he was with took my camera and he kept switching sides with me for it so I was touching all sides of Glen. hahaha! Then I had hair in my face and had to reach over his arm to get it out of my face and he was cracking up. We took the amazing photo I am attaching to this post. I asked him where Danny and Mark were but he told me he honestly didn’t know. Glen said he had lost them! I literally was trying to hard not to laugh because I could just picture a drunk Danny and a drunk Mark wandering one of the busiest streets in Boston! hahaha! He was about to leave when my brain took over again and asked him for a hug. He ran right up to me and gave me the greatest hug ever. It was tight and warm I couldn’t believe I was hugging him. He hugged Melissa too. And he smelt so good! The cologne he was wearing was amazing. He said thanks for coming to the show, it was wonderful to meet us and to have a great night. We said the same thing as he ran off with his girl. Then I broke down in tears. I think he might’ve saw but it was the greatest moment of my life. I can’t believe that it happened. I’m sitting here starring at the photo and not being able to process it.

I want people who want to meet the script to never give up on it. This was my 5th time (4th headlining show) to see them. I had never met them. I somehow managed to this time. So many have told me it was a waste of time to love them this much and to get my hopes up so high. I proved them wrong. Everything happens for a reason. If I did not go through hell with my mom I would not have been in the right place to see Glen. It was absolute fate. If I didn’t glance up at that exact moment then I wouldn’t have seen him.

He read my letter. He tweeted me, “ Thanx for your letter, nice meeting you both last night ;-) G” in a tweet. I can’t believe that he took time out to read it. Glen knows why I love them now and anyone who gives me crap about loving them will no longer matter because he knows. I hope he shared it with danny and mark but if not, at least 1/3 of them know. And they know who I am. I cannot believe this happened. I don’t deserve it. But I’m so thrilled. Thats my story for you guys though. I hope you enjoyed and I just want to say thank you to Danny, Mark and Glen for an amazing night! Along with Glen for meeting me and reading the letter. I leave you with this; Never give up on your dreams. Never do please. They’ll happen—just like they did for me;-).

Inspiration for the past week. @thescript @thescriptoffical #thescript #agenda #HallOfFame #inspiration #3 #mark #obsessed  (Taken with Instagram)

Inspiration for the past week. @thescript @thescriptoffical #thescript #agenda #HallOfFame #inspiration #3 #mark #obsessed (Taken with Instagram)

I’m too obsessed with this photo but I think its the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. @thescript @thescriptoffical  (Taken with Instagram)

I’m too obsessed with this photo but I think its the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. @thescript @thescriptoffical (Taken with Instagram)

my photo wall is coming along nicely I think…looking like a hot chelle Rae shrine at the moment though. Lmao. Or a script one…#obsessed #thescript #hotchellerae #photos #decorating #wall (Taken with Instagram)

my photo wall is coming along nicely I think…looking like a hot chelle Rae shrine at the moment though. Lmao. Or a script one…#obsessed #thescript #hotchellerae #photos #decorating #wall (Taken with Instagram)